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The 2021 Arthgyaan Year in Review

29 Dec 2021 - Contact Sayan Sircar
3 mins read

This blog completes its first year with 100+ posts in 10 months. Here’s looking back.

The 2021 Arthgyaan Year in Review

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How it all started

Arthgyaan was started in March 2021 to simplify goal-based investing and personal finance. The blog helps you create a system for reaching your financial goals by sharing simple, actionable advice backed by research and analysis. Our tagline is “Supporting everyone’s personal finance journey”.

This blog is a single-person effort. You can find more details on the About page. Our readers are located world-wide.

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Topics covered

Portfolio view for all goals

Over 10 months, more than 100 articles have been published that cover various topics. Some of the popular ones are:

These are the five most popular posts as per page views:

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Arthgyaan creates a system for reaching your financial goals by sharing simple, actionable advice backed by research and analysis.

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Goal-based investing cycle

Goal-based investing cycle

Goal-planning for children

Goal-planning for children

Buying term insurance

Buying term insurance

Tools and calculators

Goal-based investing planner

There are multiple popular and useful tools and calculators available:

Next steps

2022 is expected to be a more significant year, focusing more on choosing investments, portfolio construction, and dealing with case studies from readers and questions. Here’s wishing you all happy holidays and a happy new year. 2022 will be great!

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