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About Sayan Sircar

  • Sayan Sircar


    Contact @sayansircar

    Sayan Sircar is an avid personal finance enthusiast who is trying to make everyone’s personal finance journeys a lot simpler by providing educational content. Sayan has over 15 years of experience in goal-based investments, portfolio construction, risk/reward simulations and performance analysis.

    Apart from his interest in personal finance, Sayan

    • holds a B.E. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata
    • holds an MBA degree in Finance from the School of Management, IIT Bombay
    • has passed all 3 levels of CFA (from CFA Institute, USA) examinations covering portfolio management, equity research and investment management
    • holds the FRM certification in risk management from GARP, USA
    • has passed the NISM X-A and X-B Investment Advisor Examinations
    • has also passed the NISM V-A Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

    Sayan, as a part of his career, has worked

    • in investment banking, equity capital markets, quantitative analysis and risk management
    • for brands like Citi, Kotak Securities, JPMorgan and CCIL
    • at cities like Mumbai, London and Gurugram

    Sayan’s views are personal and are intended to be educational in nature. He has no registration or affiliation with SEBI.

    You can contact him directly on his personal website:

  • About Ashwin Sivakumar

  • Ashwin Sivakumar


    Contact @getfinsight

    Ashwin Sivakumar, is an IT professional experienced in retail & eCommerce. He is also a financial blogger by passion.

    He was originally intrigued by the stock market as any other layman would, a decade back punching in trades in cash & derivative segments. His habit of asking why and how, lead him into the world of finance through explorative learning. He now follows and opines on Macros, Global Markets, Personal Finance, Crystal-balling Equities, Bonds, Gold through Technical Analysis & Market Sentiment. He believes instilling Goal Based Investing will benefit the investor community.

    Readers of Arthgyaan may be interested in his blog posts about personal finance. Links to his other work and social media handles are on his home page Get Finsight.

  • About Muthu Kannan (aka Manki)

  • Muthu Kannan (aka Manki)


    Contact @mkannan

    Muthu Kannan, also known as Manki, is a software engineer by profession. He is intrigued by all sorts of things in life. One of them happens to be personal finance and investing.

    In the personal finance space, his passions include teaching others (which is just a fancy name for learning by answering other people’s questions), building tools (mostly spreadsheets as of now), and writing about his revelations occasionally.

    Readers of Arthgyaan may be interested in his blog posts about personal finance. Links to his other work and social media handles are on his home page

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