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Please use this page to book a 30 minute chat to talk about personal finance and goal-based investing. Note that no recommendations for buying/selling any stock or mutual fund or any other security will be given. Additionally, the following topics will not be covered in the chat:
  • Personalized financial advice. Please refer to a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor for this purpose
  • Trading strategies of any kind in stocks, mutual funds or options
  • Discussion on crypto currencies in any form

These meetings are paid. You should make a payment via this page after you book a meeting. The amount will be made known to you in the booking page. No refunds will be offered at any time.

Disclaimer: The chat you are booking is for educational purpose only and is not financial advice. The discussion should not be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy/sell any financial product or service. Please consult a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor before making any investments.

Proceed with time booking only if you agree to the disclaimer and the points above.

You will need Google Meet to join the meeting.

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